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Best Places to Visit in May in the USA

bests places to visit usa may

May is a beautiful month across the USA. The flowers are starting to bloom, the sun is out and the days are longer. It’s the perfect time to go on holiday with the family and you’ll definitely want to make the most of it. 

Struggling to pick a destination? We’ve done some research for you and chosen five of the best places to visit in May in the USA.

  • New Orleans, LA
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Yosemite, CA
  • Charleston, SC
  • Alaska

New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is a melting pot of cultures known for its soul and jazz scene. The city’s diverse and eclectic population has roots in French, African, Spanish and southern American cultures. 

Situated on the banks of the Mississippi River, in this beautiful city, you can experience some of the USA’s most colorful nightlife. Make sure you book a babysitter for a least one night during your trip!

In May, it’s warm out which means the days are longer, and the nights are warmer. To make the most of your adults-only evening while the kids are tucked into bed, Bourbon Street is the place to be. 

Not only will you enjoy some of the US’s best music, but in this famous pub crawl destination, you’re guaranteed some great people watching.

The city has a rich history and in the past was taken by the French, the Spanish, the French again, then by the USA to become the New Orleans we know and love today.

Visit the French Quarter and you’ll find famous landmarks such as the St Louis Cathedral, the Cabildo, and the Jean Lafitte National Historic Park. It’s home to the oldest cathedral in the country and the entire French Quarter area is deemed a National Landmark.

Kids will find plenty to keep them entertained here. While the Big Easy may be synonymous with revelry, many families visit too. Try the historic Carousel in City Park, Storyland, and a Bayou Kayak tour.

Las Vegas, NV

Dreaming up being a big kid with the kids? Las Vegas is the ultimate playground for adults and children. May is a great time to visit before it gets too hot, after all, no one likes over-heated toddlers and exhausted parents.

During the day temperatures can reach the low 90s but during the night it’s a manageable 65 degrees. May’s average rainfall is negligible so you’ll definitely be able to enjoy the pool and the poolside comfortably. Some of the best water slides are at The Golden Nugget hotel or the Flamingo.

Las Vegas is a colorful city known for its decadence and grandeur. As you explore each hotel, you’ll notice that each is themed. You don’t need to go to Europe to experience the Eiffel Tower or Venetian canals. You can even enjoy a family gondola ride through the famous Venetian Resort.

You might be thinking, how will I go enjoy the casinos with the kids around? It is possible to get in-hotel sitters. There are many options as it’s a popular destination for families. When Mom and Dad need to let loose for a night, there are many options for in-house help.

Fancy seeing something spectacular? You can’t go past Cirque de Soleil. And if you need a nature fix, you can even take a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon. The options for adventure and glamour are truly endless in this flashy city.

Yosemite, CA

Yosemite covers 1200 square miles of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. At 200 miles from San Francisco and 300 miles from Los Angeles, the location is manageable for many families. As a result, this national park attracts over four million visitors per year. 

May is the very best time to visit as it’s getting warmer and you’ll beat the crowd by getting in just before peak season hits.

It’s also the best month to see Yosemite’s captivating waterfalls as they’re at their heaviest flow. Beautiful waterfalls are a given here, but among the largest are Yosemite Falls, dropping an incredible 2,543 feet high, and the Sentenial Falls at an impressive 2,000 feet.

This park is renowned for its national parks but it also has interesting rock formations, valleys, and glaciers to explore. Yosemite will fit all of your adventure needs from hiking, camping, backpacking, and rock climbing. 

For those of you who love to escape the daily routine and chores with some family time in nature, Yosemite is the perfect May vacation for you.

Charleston, SC

Charleston is an old coastal city in the deep south packed with history. Founded in 1670 by the English, Charleston quickly became a popular port town. 

In May, it’s a warm charming city getaway with temperatures in the high 70s and low 80s. Just south of Charleston, you can soak up the warm weather at Folly beach.

The city has a dark side as it as once a slave trade hub, an opportunity to teach your kids something about the not-so-great parts of our history exists here. Now, you can visit the Old Slave Market and see relics associated with these grim times. 

Given its checkered past, Charleston is also home to some plantation homes and grounds, some of which are open to visitors who’d like to learn more about this period of American history.

In the city itself, fabulous colonial and Georgian architecture dominate the cityscape, the most famous example is the colorful Charleston Rainbow Row.

As a part of South Carolina, southern cuisine is ingrained in the city’s culture. There are many restaurants where you can try classic southern dishes such as shrimp and grits, and gumbo. For a historic and cultural May vacation, Charleston won’t disappoint.


Cruise or jet to Alaska during May while the crowds are smaller and the skies are drier. May is Alaskas driest month and one of the cheapest to travel. By this time it’s still chilly, but it’s manageable in the mid-50s.

If you like fishing, you can catch the beginning of the Alaskan Salmon fishing season. It’s also one of the best times to go whale watching as the Humpbacks arrive back through after their migration south.

A magical way to experience Alaska is by air. There are many routes and it’s an unforgettable way to see Denali National Park. The glaciers are popular drawcards in Alaska, some of the most renowned are the Matanuska and the Hubbard glaciers.

With harsh and cold lands, a wonderful way to experience Alaska is by boat. You’ll be amazed by the dramatic mountains, vast ice sheets, and the greenery in May. Alaska is a destination you’ll never forget with the liveliness of the locals and its wildlife.

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