La Perouse Bay quick facts: Directions: La Perouse Bay is located south of the town of Wailea, Hawaii at the end of Mākena Alanui Road (State Highway 31). It is located at mile marker 7 at the very end of Makena Alanui Road. A gravel parking lot marks the end of the road and the beginning of an off-the-beaten-path adventure exploring La Perouse Bay. Parking: After the lava field you will come to a small parking lot. Turn right for a larger lot closer to the bay. This is a dirt and rock parking lot so wear your sneakers instead of your flip flops. To the right of the barrier is private property so stay to the left.

Rest Rooms: There are 2 portable toilets in the parking lot. There is no bathroom with running water. Bring hand sanitizer- the outhouses are pretty gross. Other: This is a protected resting spot for dolphins. You are not allowed to swim with the dolphins or go near them. There are often police in the area making sure everyone is following the rules.