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Traveling Internationally Checklist

There’s a lot to keep in mind if you’re planning a trip out of the country. You’ll definitely notice a difference between an international flight and a plane trip across the country. With so much to worry about, it can be stressful to make sure you have everything taken care of. Here is my travelling internationally checklist that will make visiting other countries easier on you. Don’t fret about being stressed out that something won’t turn out right with these tips. 

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Traveling Internationally Checklist: What Items to Bring in Your Carry On

  • Passport and visa.
  • Medications.
  • Insurance and ID cards.
  • Cash, debit cards, and credit cards.
  • Pen to fill out customs forms.
  • Portable charger.
  • Earplugs, eye mask, and sleeping pills.
  • Electrical converters and adapters specific to your destination

Long flights can be brutal. Make sure you have all the items on the traveling internationally checklist above to make sure you stay relaxed on your journey. One thing I almost always forget on international flights is a pen. I always need one when we land to fill out customs forms. Many other passengers also forget a pen too because there are about 20 of us passing around the same pen and scrambling to quickly fill out the forms so that someone else can use it too. Don’t forget this simple item in your carry on bag and maybe bring a few extra for others!

Tips for Making International Travel Easier

Pick Out the Right Airline

Some airlines are more accommodating and cheaper to fly with than others. Finding an airline that you’ve had good experiences with in the past can help give you extra peace of mind. Make sure you do your research ahead of time and know what other travelers are saying about those airlines. When we flew to Italy a few years ago we flew on Virgin Airlines. I can’t recommend them enough for international travel. Flying coach on Virgin was like flying first class on a regular airline. We got free movies, meals, snacks and wine during our 9 hour flight. I can’t imagine how nicely the first class passengers must have been treated on that trip.

Passport and Visa are Updated

You won’t make it past the gate without having a passport and visa that is up to date. Don’t wait until the day of the trip to discover this trip-wrecker. It’s also a good idea to have copies of your passport and Visa tucked away at home, or with someone that you trust. That way if you run into any problems on your return to the homeland, you’ll have a backup. 

Get all the Required Vaccinations

Another important thing to do well ahead of time before your trip is to make sure you are up to date on your vaccinations. If you have any questions about where you stand, check with your doctor to make sure you have met all the international requirements. 

Make Sure Your Medical Insurance works Internationally

While it would be awful if something were to happen to you while you’re out of the states, there’s always a possibility that you shouldn’t take lightly. Do you know if your insurance card will be accepted at a hospital in a foreign country? If your insurance won’t cover you overseas, it might be a good idea to consider getting supplemental insurance. 

Notify Your Bank 

Banks work very hard for you to ensure that nobody gets a hold of your bank account. If they notice that transactions are taking place in China, and you didn’t notify them, they may put a freeze on your account. Save the hassle and frustration by giving your bank a quick phone call and let them know when you’ll be out of the country. 

Make Sure Your Credit Card Works Overseas

You’ll find that many countries will not accept your credit card when you get there. That could put a damper on the trip. A lot of countries have switched to chip and pin technology that is more secure. Another thing that surprised us on a trip to Europe was how many establishments did not accept US credit and debit cards. Before we left a lot of friends told us not to worry about bringing a lot of cash and that we would probable use credit cards most of the time. We found however that our cards simply didn’t work at restaurants and stores and we were forced to go get cash! Always have some extra money stashed in a safe place in case this happens.

Don’t Convert Your Money at the Airport

When you arrive in the country that you’re visiting, don’t convert your money first thing at the airport. The airport conversion centers can rip you off. Wait until you find a bank or ATM that won’t throw on huge fees. Check with friends who have visited your destination in the past to ask for specific recommendations before you go.

Pack Light

We know that traveling to a different country means that you will be staying there a while, but do your best to pack as light as you can. This will keep you from lugging around so many suitcases, and save you more money also. 

TravelZoo App

If you’re needing extra help finding great deals around the town you are visiting, be sure to get the TravelZoo App. You can find cheaper transportation this way too! 

Have Appropriate Clothing 

If you’re visiting a cold country, yet you’ve taken off out of Florida, you’re going to be in for a rude awakening when you get there. Be sure to have heavier clothing or lighter clothing tucked away in your carry-on luggage, instead of waiting to change clothes once you’ve collected all your luggage that had been stowed away. Dress in layers for optimum comfort.

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This is our traveling internationally checklist to make it easier when you go to leave the country. If you’ve left the country on numerous trips, what other precautions and steps did you take to help make your travels easier? 

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