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Top Toddler Activities Orlando Parents Love

If you have a toddler, then you likely are looking for ways to keep their little minds and hands busy. Don’t worry, there’s an abundance of toddler activities Orlando parents love. From playing with animals to creating a mini masterpiece, there is something for everyone in our list below. Get out there and enjoy an amazing bonding time with your tiny tot while they’re still little!

toddler activities in Orlando. Little boy playing with a stick.

The perfect lineup of toddler activities Orlando has to offer!

Let’s face it, toddlers need constant entertainment. Never fear, because our list below provides a huge variety of activities to keep them busy and keep parents sane. 

The list below is broken up into three major categories:

  • Exercise or active options (Get active! section)
  • Educational choices (Learn something! section)
  • Creative alternatives (Be creative! section) 

Get Active!

Exercise and active play are a great way to not only keep the kids entertained, but ensure it is great for their health. Even if it is raining out, there are plenty of indoor active options as well. 

Orlando outdoor parks & playgrounds

Did you know Orlando has “more than 148 beautiful parks, gardens, recreation areas, neighborhood centers and playgrounds”? This means there are plenty of options to choose from when deciding on a day out. 

Visit this link for a full directory of Orlando Parks, Recreation, and Neighborhood Centers. On the right side of the page there is a convenient search application. When visiting a park with a toddler you will absolutely want to search using the keyword playground. You can also search by neighborhood to find the closest park to you. Or maybe you want to try one in a new area of town you have yet to explore. 

Some of the parks on the directory also feature splash pads! These are great for playing in and cooling off. Please note some splash pads do not open until April/May or closed if the high is not above 70 degrees. Always check the websites or call to ensure if they are operating on colder or off-season days! Some of the popular splash pads in the Orlando area include:

Indoor Playgrounds in Orlando

For those rainy or excessively Florida hot days, there are plenty of indoor playgrounds as well. Here are just a few of the many options available: 

Toddler exercise classes

Take an exercise class designed especially for toddlers and parents. MyGym is a great choice for that very activity! There are four MyGym locations in the Orlando area. Those include:

Learn Something!

You have probably heard toddlers are little sponges when it comes to absorbing knowledge. Therefore, choosing an activity they will learn new fun facts is not only fun, but a great choice for their growing brains. These locations listed below are ideal for entertaining and hands-on learning experiences. 

two giraffe at a zoo.

Central Florida Zoo

If your little one loves animals, this is the best place to go! They have a wide range of animals in the following classifications:

  • Amphibians 
  • Invertebrates 
  • Birds 
  • Mammals 
  • Reptiles

There are also plenty of special attractions your little one will enjoy, like the giraffe feedings or the carousel

little boy looking at sharks at the aquarium.

SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium

What little kid enjoy and squeal with excitement while looking at ocean life closely? There is something fascinating about watching fish swim together or touching a starfish. Below are some, but certainly not all, of the ocean life you and your toddler can enjoy seeing at this aquarium.

  • Sharks
  • Turtles
  • Octopus
  • Stingrays
  • Seahorses
  • Jellyfish
  • Fish

Pre-COVID they hosted Toddler Tuesdays every Tuesday at 9:30, so hopefully that toddler-specific program will come back soon!

Orlando Science Center

There is so much to do, see, and learn here! Best of all, they have an entire area that is perfect for toddlers. That is their Kidstown exhibit on level two of the Exhibit Hall! It includes seven “dynamic and interactive zones” where toddlers can play, splash, explore, and learn! 

Virtual Library Storytime Events

Most libraries are hosting virtual Storytime events due to COVID. These are a great way to learn and enjoy time together from the comfort of your own home! Best of all, they are usually free!

Be Creative!

Exercise and learning are both important activities to enjoy with your toddler, but there is one more type of activity that provides fun to both parents and toddlers. That activity is getting creative!

Arts and Crafts

Whether completing at home or in a toddler art class, arts and crafts are a great toddler activity. It teaches them not only creativity, but important motor skills. Finger paints is always a fun and easy art activity, as is playing with playdough. 

Nature Scavenger Hunts & Collages

Whether you go to one of the parks mentioned above, your backyard, or another park, putting together simple nature scavenger hunt will keep you and your toddler busy! You can have them look for simple things from a bird or a rock to specific types of leaves by showing them pictures. They can gather some items found during the scavenger hunt to create a nature collage later at home. 

What to bring on your outing

No matter which activity you choose above below are some great items to bring along on your toddler activities Orlando outing. 

  • Change of clothes
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes
  • Water 
  • Snacks
  • For the learning activities – maybe coloring pages related to the event they can do on the car ride. For example, a fish coloring page if visiting the aquarium.
  • Pillow and blanket for the car ride home – they will likely be tuckered out after all the fun!

Orlando toddler activities FAQ:

Are there any free toddler activities in Orlando?

Yes! Parks and playgrounds are always a great free activity. All the splash pads listed in the bullets above are also free. Virtual Storytime events mentioned above through Orange County public libraries are usually free but do often require advanced registration.

Do any of the places mentioned offer a discount?

Groupon is a great site to visit to find discounts for toddler activities in various Orlando facilities.

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