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8 Free Things to Do in Orlando

Are you looking for free things to do in Orlando? If you’re ready to take a trip to a city that has something for everyone to enjoy, get ready to be amazed at just how affordable a vacation or weekend getaway to Orlando can be. All of these activities are family-friendly and perfect for families to do! Get ready to have affordable fun that everyone can enjoy! 

8 free things to do in orlando

What is there to do in Orlando besides theme parks?

It’s a farce that fun activities have to be expensive. This list of free activities will prove that not
to be true! Here are some of our favorite non-expensive activities that are certain to fill your days
and time in Orlando. 

Take a swim at the beach

Not just any beach. Daytona Beach can offer you a day full of fun. All you need to do is pack up
your own towels and snacks and you can easily spend a whole day or two at the beach without
spending a dime. Everyone loves the beach and thousands of people every month flock to
Orlando for this free and expensive fun.

Visit Disney Springs

Don’t let the world “Disney” throw you off. Visiting Disney Springs can be 100% free. You
and the family can easily take a stroll and look at all the shops and enjoy the fun outdoor
activities as well. It’s not uncommon for there to be live music happening at any point in time
which means that you can hear some great tunes without paying any money. 

See the lights at Universal City Lights

Bright lights are the best! And while there is a fee to visit during the day, you can visit after 6
PM for free. (free parking, too) The lights are bright and are certain to draw you in. During the
summer months, it’s quite a busy spot for tourists and people to come and take in the concerts
and sights. 

downtown orlando with city in background and a sign in the foreground.

Take a walk around Lake Eola Park

Everyone could use a bit of fresh air and a walk around the lake at this park is a must. It’s
beautiful and such a fun sight to see. Go on a sunny day and soak in the rays and see just how
beautiful relaxing a day at the park can be. 

Stop and look at B-52 Memorial Park 

If you’re a fan of old bombers, you’re going to want to stop at the B-52 Memorial park. It’s not
widely known but it’s a great place to view a bomber and be able to get close to a large plan
without charge.

 Walk around in Orlando Chinatown

Calling all foodie fans! While you are going to be tempted to spend money here, you don’t have
to. You can easily take a stroll through Chinatown and take in all the smells. But you don’t have
to spend money – you can just let your nose do the work for you. 

Talk a stroll on the Disney Boardwalk

There’s just something magical about walking on a boardwalk. Taking a stroll at night is a fun
experience that will have you loving the Orlando life. It has over 90,000 square feet of bright
lights, shops, and genuinely fun places to see and explore. You won’t get bored at all on this
“board” walk. 

Visit local wineries for tours and taste tests

The taste tests aren’t for the kids but they’re still welcome to join. The great thing about wineries
is that you can easily spend a few hours learning about the area and how the grapes grow and
what is best produced in that area.

Most wineries also offer free taste testing so that is definitely something to have on your radar!
Who wouldn’t like a bit of wine to go with their tour and adventures in Orlando?

These are just a few of the free things that you can do the next time you’re in Orlando. Keep in
mind that there are always freebies and outdoor activities that are happening all over town. A
great place to check and see what the upcoming events are would be here as this will be the most
up-to-date record of activities. 

lake in orlando with city in background and palm trees in the front.

FAQ about free things to do in Orlando:

What are some family-friendly activities are low cost in Orlando?

With the options mentioned above, you can see that there is lots of free things to do in Orlando. Keep in mind that if you are looking for cheap activities in Orlando, there are a ton of great options as well. You’ll find that many places become low-cost or free after a certain point in time during the day so make sure you do your research before departing.

Is downtown Orlando walkable?

Absolutely. It’s not only walkable but it’s a really beautiful area as well. You can easily spend a day or afternoon exploring the sights in downtown Orlando and taking in the views that the locals do. There are a ton of shops and really cool sights to see in this area of town.

What is there for adults to do in Orlando?

There is actually a lot of free things for adults to do in Orlando. In addition to hitting the beach and window shopping, hiking and biking are fun, free activities as well. Exploring the local state parks is also a great way to get out and have fun as an adult with no cost to you.

What is there to do in Orlando besides theme parks?

Don’t forget that activities like putt-putt, bowling and even playing arcade games can be super inexpensive activities as well. While these are free, they are really inexpensive and can easily be mixed into the freebies to have have a little bit of variation in your day.

Have fun planning out your trip and figure out what free activities in Orlando you’re going to do!
This list of ideas is a great place to start and help you think of even more ways to have free fun! 
Which of these free things to do in Orlando are you going to do first?

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