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10 Best Road Trip Destinations for Family Travel in the US

Looking for the best road trip destinations in the US? Check out these 10 routes you can head to all across the country. Pack your backs and get ready for an adventure with the family hit the road on one of these fun road trips this summer.

top road trip destinations for family travel in the usa

The Best Road Trip Routes in the USA

Taking a road trip with your family can be challenging but if planned right, it offers you some of the best experiences your family will ever have. When taking a road trip with kids, make it interesting by making several stops in places that will captivate them. Do not be in a rush. Spend a few days on the road and experience different stunning sceneries, entertainment options, and captivating natural beauty. The key lies in choosing the right road to travel. A road trip is all about the journey. The road trip destinations we have looked into here are the best you can do with your family in the US.

Route 66

This 2,238-mile long stretch used to be the main highway connecting Los Angeles and Chicago. Although the interstate highway came to replace this, the historical significance of Route 66 was preserved. It was renamed to ‘Historic Route 66’ for good reason. There’s so much to see here and it’s advisable to take it all in a step at a time. 

Break down the route into portions to make it more exciting and fun. The most famous destinations along this route include Flagstaff and Arizona. There are numerous attractions for your kids along the way, including the iconic Cadillac Ranch in Texas

Miami to Key West

Miami itself is a popular destination but moving away from the city heading to Key West offers your family a wide variety in terms of road trip attractions and entertainment. The Florida Keys is the best place for water sports lovers. Here you can swim, snorkel at the John Penne Kamp coral reef state park, go on a boat tour or go deep diving at the Spiegel Grove Ship Wreck. 

Along the way, stop at various destinations such as the St. Augustine and the Delray beach. Turn off from the highway, to experience the Everglades National park, just a few miles south of Florida City. Take time to enjoy the tasty cuisines offered at the restaurants along the beach at Key West.

Going to the sun road, Montana

This is a short stretch that offers you an amazing and immersive experience of the Glacier National Park. You can get onto this road from either Route 2 or Route 86. There are several scenic viewpoints where you can pull out of the road to take stunning photography and probably see wild animals. Mighty cliffs, towering mountains, massive cedar forest, glacial lakes, cascading waterfalls, and beautiful sprawling valleys await. Do your research before you travel along this road as some of the portions can be covered in snow. 

If you have a large RV, you will not be allowed on this road. There is a portion called ‘the loop’ that has hair spin bends that will be difficult for you to maneuver. At the very top, you come into Logan pass, the highest point on this road where you get stunning full-circle views of the park. Many people take a hike from this point following the Highline Trail.

Big Sur, California

This mountainous stretch of California is an unforgettable road trip destination route. The best place to visit here would be between April to October as the weather is nicer during this time. There are several stops to explore on this road. The Point Lobos State Natural Reserve offers you amazing walking trails with stunning, crystal clear waters attracting you to do scuba diving. 

The Rocky Creeks Bridge, Pfeiffer beach, the Old Coast Road and the Point Sur state park are other points that should be on your itinerary when you travel through the Big Sur. Each point offers a different entertainment option that will keep your whole family excited the whole day.

Mount Washington Road, NH

This is a challenging drive if you have kids but the incredibly beautiful views you will get here will be worth it. There is a toll for using this road, so be prepared for that. You will be heading to the peak of Mt. Washington, just 7 miles away and the 360° view of the surrounding will take your breath away. The weather patterns change fast and unexpectedly here, so maybe a guided tour would be better for your family. This is a trip for the family of experienced travelers.

Acadia Park Loop Road

If you want to explore the Acadia National Park, take your time along this road. Acadia national park is one of the best camping destinations in the US. There are various viewpoints along this route that you should stop to experience amazing mountains and forest cover. You begin your journey on this 27-mile road from the Hulls Cove Visitor Center and make your way through the park. It’s a one-way section and you will need to pay a fee. Observation points along this road include the Otter Cliff, Thunder Hole, and Sand Beach.

Visit Mount Rushmore and the Badlands, South Dakota

A trip to the Rapid city in South Dakota will be a refreshing one for the whole family. From Rapid City, head south on Highway 16 for about 18 miles and then go south on Route 16. Along the way, you will be able to see Mount Rushmore in the distance. This is an interesting place but you will not spend a whole day here. Head further down south for about 50 miles to Custer State Park to see bison and other wildlife or learn some history at the Crazy Horse Memorial. The badlands national park should also be in your itinerary when taking this trip. The landscape here is amazing and the ancient, eroded rock formations are very inviting to photography lovers.

Appalachian Trail Road Trip

This is a popular and long trail (over 2,000 miles) that you cannot finish in a day. There is so much happening here, from Maine where it starts to Georgia in the South. You will be driving through small, nondescript towns that pack a lot of history within their borders and among beautiful landscapes. The Shenandoah National park and the Blue Ridge Parkway are along this trail. You will meet many hikers trying to scale the many ridges and mountains along this road. 

The Blue Ridge Parkway

Although you can branch-off via the Appalachian Trail to explore the Blue Ridge Parkway, this trail deserves its own dedicated time. If you decide to explore this region, make sure you have considerable time on your hands. There are 469 miles to cover and each mile offers you some of the best sceneries and landscapes in the world. The road eventually brings you to Shenandoah National Park, another outdoor lover’s paradise. There are no billboards here and the roads have fairly less traffic, allowing you to have a serene and scenic drive at the same time. If your family loves hiking, take the opportunity to explore the numerous hiking trails you will find in this location. 

The Oregon Trail Road Trip

This is another long trail, stretching over 3,000 miles and incorporating some of the best natural landscapes in the US. There is a bit of everything here. You can follow this trail along Route 66 and spend some time at the Fort Kearny State Historic Park in Nebraska to learn more about the history of the Oregon Trail. 

At the Three Island Crossing, you can also visit the Museum to learn more about the natives who lived in Oregon and their way of life before proceeding onto the Farewell Bend. You will pass by other scenic spots such as Flagstaff, Red Bridge Crossing, and Scotts Bluff national monument where beautiful hiking trails invite the eager outdoor lover.

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